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Botox Injections

Line & Wrinkle Treatment Consultation

What is it / how does it work

Botox ® is produced from a toxin derived from Bacterium Botulinum Type A. It is a
safe and effective treatment to improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles 

Small amounts are injected under the skin to target the muscles and temporarily restrict their movement, thus resulting in smoother and wrinkle-free skin.

What can it treat

Predominantly the injections are used to treat the following;

Frown Area
Crows feet at the sides of the eyes,
But can also be used to treat conditions such as;
Bunny lines at the side of the nose
Gummy smile
Dimpled chin
Down turned smile
Lip lines
Saggy Jowel line and neck lines

How is it performed

Small injections into the skin over a few minutes with minimal discomfort. There may be swelling for a minimum time only.


Patients are able to perform normal activities within minutes of the treatment. Recommended aftercare advice:

Do not touch the area for at least 2 hours
No strenuous activity for 24 hours
No deep massage or alternative clinical treatments in the treated area for 2 weeks.

When can I see results

Results can be seen within 2/3 days for some individuals but can take up to 14 days for a full result.

Follow-ups are between 2-4 weeks to achieve optimum results and patient care.

Results last approx. 3 months

Brands offered: Botox® Azzalure Bocouture

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