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What is it / How does it work

SuneKOS is a mixture of Hyaluronic acid and amino acids which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin enabling hydration, elasticity, replacing loss of volume and supports the dermis.    

What can it treat


SuneKOS treats conditions such as;

Fine lines and wrinkles

Loss of volume

Loss of laxicity

Loss of definition

Mature and de-hydrated skin

How is it performed

SuneKOS is an injectable treatment. Every effect is made to reduce any discomfort so a topical numbing cream

can be applied prior to treatment. 


Minor swelling and redness is common and this will usually subside within a few hours or maximum 1 day. In order to avoid the risk of infection, you will be advised not to apply makeup or touch the treated area for at least 6 hours. Full post-treatment care advice will be provided to you.

When can I see results

Anything from 2-14 days depending on the individual. You will begin to see an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness and overall improvement of skin texture. Fine lines and wrinkles will start to diminish providing a full and naturally youthful appearance to your skin.    


Product used: SuneKOS 1200, Performa and Body

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